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Frequently asked questions

Good to know

Will I receive an internship compensation?

The internship compensation differs per hotel. If you want more information, it is best to discuss it with the concerning hotel.

Will accommodation be arranged during my internship?

If you are going to do an internship in a hotel outside of the Netherlands, accommodation will usually be arranged for you. This does not apply to Hotel Antwerp, Hotel Gent and Hotel Hildesheim.

The internship I'm looking for is not on the website. What can I do?

We update our website almost daily, so that we can give you the best information about which internships are still available. Unfortunately, this means that internships that are not on our website are no longer available. You could take a look at the internship position at another hotel, or you could discuss with your school whether you could start your internship later or at another department.

The hotel where I would like to do an internship is not listed on the website. Why is this?

If the hotel at which you would like to do an internship is not on our website, this means that the hotel is part of the Van der Valk Exclusief group. For an internship at one of these hotels, it is best to contact the hotel itself.

Do you have a question which is not answered above?

Please contact us and we will let you know! You can call us at +3188-246330 or send an email to via the button below.