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What do our trainees say?

"What I liked about my internship at Van der Valk is the variety in tasks. Next to my regular tasks I was also asked to join several events. My ideas were heared and used, for example about our social media platforms.

Iris HR Trainee

Manon, Allround Management Trainee

"The last five months I've spent my internship at the HR department at Valk Services. What I liked about my internship is the variety in tasks. Everyday I had new challenges to figure out.

Poonam hr Trainee

"During my internship I have learned that it is important to ask questions. This will help you learn and develop yourself even more.

JOelle Marketing Trainee

Manon, Allround Management Trainee

"During my internship I helped at the marketing departement. Everyone in the company appreciates what you do. My tip for interns: If you have questions, ask them. You are here to learn. If you have ideas, share them. This will be appreciated.

Eveline marketing Trainee

Amber, Sales & Banqueting Trainee

"I did an internship in HR at Hotel Beveren. I had a super fun internship here! It is a nice, friendly and dynamic team, we had lots of fun at the office and there is definitely time for a joke every now and then!

During my internship I learned the most from guiding new trainees in the same role. I knew from experience what it is like to start as a new trainee and was therefore able to transfer this well to new interns. I would definitely recommend an internship at Van der Valk to anyone with a hospitality-related education!"

Pam HR Trainee

Pam, HR Trainee

"During my internship I worked as Hotel Data & Distribution Specialist for Van der Valk Diensten Centrum in Breukelen. As the very first intern ever in this position, I mainly focused on online advertising and analysing data.

During my internship I learned a lot about the online marketing world and analysing data. I have experienced Van der Valk as a great employer. Great colleagues, clear working method and vision, plenty of room for personal development and a lot of appreciation."

Menno Hotel Data & Distribution Trainee

Menno, Hotel Data & Distribution Trainee

"At Hotel Veenendaal you will surely be warmly welcomed by the enthousiastic team. You are well supervised during the work and your personal development is strongly encouraged."

Marvin Front Office Trainee

Marvin, Front Office Trainee

"At Van der Valk you learn and grow a lot during your internship. The atmosphere within the team is very good and you receive a lot of personal guidance. I am very satisfied with such a fun and educational internship!"

Amber Sales & Banqueting Trainee

Amber, Sales & Banqueting Trainee

"Once you're in the right place, you quickly notice that it is very pleasant to work at Van der Valk. Keep motivating yourself and act from your passion. That passion is hospitality, and that is what stands out at Van der Valk."

Mitchel Front Office Trainee

Mitchel, Front Office Trainee

"I was welcomed with open arms. Every question was welcome, nothing was too crazy. I could go to both my immediate supervisors and my other colleagues. I just had to pick up the phone or walk by."

Naomi HR Trainee

Naomi, HR Trainee

"My graduation internship taught me a lot about all departments and facets of the company. This added a lot of value to my personal development! In addition, I also got enough time to work on my graduation thesis, this balance was perfect!"

Noah Duty Trainee

Noah, Duty Trainee

"This is a company where you can learn a lot and have a lot of personal input. I have learned to improve myself both in working independently and in working together. I would give my internship a 9!"

Kim Marketing Trainee

Kim, Marketing Trainee

"There was so much variety at Van der Valk and so much freedom that no one day was the same! Here you are not a thousandth trainee, here you are seen as a member of the team."

Tamara Guest Experience Trainee

Tamara, Guest Experience Trainee

"I received a lot of trust from my colleagues when taking on tasks. As soon as they noticed that I could handle more, I was given a new task, so that the level of my internship was adjusted to my own ability."

Eline Sales Trainee

Eline, Sales Trainee

"I would recommend every student to do an internship at Van der Valk. The guidance and atmosphere in the team are top notch! I have been able to develop myself further both personally and professionally and I am therefore very grateful that I ended up at Van der Valk!"

Daan F&B Duty Trainee

Daan, F&B Duty Trainee

"You learn a lot in a short time and the guidance is top notch. I can recommend an internship at Van der Valk to everyone!"

River Kitchen Trainee

River, Kitchen Trainee

"Time flies! My colleagues at the Front Office are very helpful and eager to teach you things. The team is also quite small, so you get to know each other well. I feel totally at home here!"

Ben Front Office Trainee

Ben, Front Office Trainee

"The Valk Internet team is a very nice team from which I was able to learn a lot. I could not have found a better internship! I am very grateful to everyone for this experience."

Dewi Social Media Trainee

Dewi, Social Media Trainee

"I already get a lot of responsibility, which ensures that I learn very quickly. Every day I develop new skills and I definitely recommend an internship like this!"

Kim Banquet Sales Trainee

Kim, Banquet Sales Trainee

"The atmosphere in the office was very cozy and informal. This goes for the whole hotel! It's a very young team and that makes it very pleasant.

There was plenty of room for personal development and that is what makes working at Van der Valk so valuable. You get the space to challenge yourself and learn/try new things.

During my internship I was always very happy to see my work published, on the website and social media accounts, but also when I walked through the hotel I saw the various posters and flyers that I made myself. In addition, I saw the followers of the social media accounts grow and it always made me very happy to see positive reviews, something we did our best every day with the whole team!"

Bastian Marketing Trainee

Bastian, Marketing Trainee

"The atmosphere was very good, both at our office and throughout the hotel. I had a very pleasant and enjoyable time. I quickly felt at home at Van der Valk Hotel Sassenheim!"

Denise Banquet Sales Trainee

Denise, Banquet Sales Trainee