Together with a number of schools, we have designed courses which are focused specifically on working at Van der Valk! Are you looking for an education in hospitality? Take a look below for a school in your area!

We are working together with these schools:



Van der Valk and Landstede MBO (located in Zwolle) offer students the opportunity to follow two years of the Travel & Hospitality education at level 4 of the Dutch mbo education. This program is tailor made for Van der Valk.

The classes are designed with Van der Valk business cases and focus on practical experience. The curriculum is designed in cooperation with Van der Valk Opleidingen.

In the third year, students will be doing a 10 month internship in one of the Van der Valk hotels abroad. Front Office, Sales and Food & Beverage are the highlights of these unique internships!

Are you interested or do you know someone who might be?

Check out the flyer below or the website of Landstede for more information about the education and the application procedure!

Rijn IJssel


An education with a focus on hospitality, management and working in the kitchen or service in a Van der Valk hotel. That is the core of a special program which students are able to follow at the Culinary Academy of Rijn IJssel Vakschool Wageningen.

In order to prepare students for a workplace at the hotel chain, they start their two, three or four-year education in a special Van der Valk class. In this tailor-made program, students will immediately put theory into practice. Students will be doing an internship as host(ess), and later as cook or service employee.

Summa College

INDEPENDENT COOK & INDEPENDENT WAITER/WAITRESS Students of these courses at Summa College in Eindhoven will have practical trianing in the restaurants of Hotel Eindhoven, Hotel Stein-Urmond or Hotel Gilze - Tilburg. Here they learn all about the hospitality industry and gain valuable work experience. With special training by Van der Valk in the field of hospitality, craftsmanship, coffee or wine knowledge, but also interior design or entrepreneurship, the courses offer many extras. Master classes also take place in the kitchens and learning environent of Summa College. The use of the digital SVH learning materials and teaching methods make learning attractive and flexible, so learning is always possible.



Together with Cosmo, we offer Travel & Hospitality students the opportunity to do a Front Office or Meeting & Events internship at one of our 70 hotels in the Netherlands and abroad. From our own experience, we know that hospitality skills are best developed through practical experience. Cosmo has therefore been working with various leisure experts from the business industry for years, so that theory and practice fit together perfectly!

Vista College


Roll up your sleeves, put on your apron and have your chef's knives ready. Future students of the new level 4 training 'management kitchen & service' can immediately believe it. From the start of their studies, they spend most of their week where 'the magic happens', on the work floor of one of the participating Van der Valk hotels in the South of Limburg. The new training is a collaboration between Vista College and Van der Valk, with the aim of bringing learning more in contact with the workplace.